Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Winter Snow, Bernheim Arboretum

Several winters past I drove to one of my favorite places to enjoy nature, Bernheim. It was early in the day, but during the wee hours it had snowed several inches. I hoped upon hope that Bernheim would be open and it was. It was as though the angels had come down from heaven and deposited a little slice of peace and serenity and then departed and what was left behind was a beautiful layer of white.

As I drove around Bernheim, I stopped and got out at the Arboretum to take a walk and take in all of its beautiful oriental trees and shrubs planted there. As as I walking I looked around and saw this bench sitting under a grouping of trees covered in a blanket of snow. That day was so peaceful and calm as there was literally four or five cars at the most in the park. We're in the midst of our first snowfall of the season here in Louisville today and it inspired me to dive deep into my archives for an image suitable for the occasion. Before my Nikon, I photographed with an inexpensive Fuji camera and this is one of the images I captured with it. I wished I had this same image and others I photographed that day with my Nikon. The quality is so much better. But that's ok, because this image is still simply beautiful. ENJOY!

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  1. Carol, that is lovely, and the seat bench makes the perfect setting for snow to settle. I see there is lots of snow in so many places right now, I check on "wunderground", all my favourite places are there for easy access... and it tells me that on Friday you might have fog, and -9C down to -18C overnight. they are very cold temps!!! Here in NZ I can try and imagine how cold that really must be, and struggle, I think the coldest I have experienced is -12C, and that was some years ago. Keep warm ,and safe on the icy roads. Greetings from Jean