Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Red Tailed Hawk, Louisville, Kentucky

Every year on this same week it seems, I trek over to the airport in an effort to locate the Snowy Owl that is seen there. And as usual I never see the Snowy Owl, but today I did manage to capture a few images of a fairly persistent Red Tailed Hawk perched atop a fence obviously hunting for a bite to eat.

He flew away once and stopped not too far away so I snapped a few more images. I don't like interfering with wildlife so I left him to continue his hunt uninterrupted. I would love to have captured a few images of the Owl, perhaps next year. ENJOY!


  1. He is gorgeous! I noticed your beautiful new header today. Love it! Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  2. He is hanging onto the barb wire fence, some feathers behind the wire, a few in front. That is a truly super photo. Greetings from Jean.