Monday, September 16, 2013

Tri Colored Heron in Blue Lagoon

Every now and then a photograph captures your heart and sweeps you away. In the case of these images, the blue lagoon and the greens of the marsh reeds do just that. The last warm light of the day brought out the blues in this lagoon that runs parallel to the main road in Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge.

The beautiful colors of the lagoon were the perfect setting for this Tri Colored Heron on the hunt for a meal. He was especially active moving about in the lagoon. First one direction, then back the other way. My guess is he hadn't had a meal in a while.

My hesitation to bring you more images of wading birds and Chincoteague photos was outweighed by the gorgeous colors I kept coming back to in these images. And well, when you're tired of seeing my Chincoteague images, I know you'll cry uncle.

Sadly, I did not get out this weekend. I have several thoughts on a trip I'd like to take soon. The destination eludes me though. I would like to get back to southern Illinois to the Cache River system and visit two national wildlife refuges situated just north there. The migrating Warblers are passing through Magee Marsh on Lake Erie in northern Ohio in the next few weeks, heading south for the Winter, and I would love to get some photos of them. Then there's Hocking Hills in south central Ohio. I want to try my hand at Cedar Falls again, and perhaps this time, I could get a usable photo of the waterfall at Ash Cave too. I can't let Summer slip away without attempting one of these expeditions. It's the timing that's been off lately. There are subtle signs of Fall visible here in the Bluegrass State. The weather has finally cooled way down especially in the evenings. Hope your week is off to a good start as mine has started out great. ENJOY!


  1. Not enough at all, each one is superbly stunning, the colours beautiful, and the heron, magnificent. Enjoy your trip, hope it stays rain-free where-ever you are. Cheers from Jean.

    1. Thanks Jean. You get better so I can hear that smile in your words.

  2. Love those wading shots! Keep them coming. The grasses and reflections are wonderful, too.