Monday, February 4, 2013

Panorama, Reichart Lake

Such a beautiful landscape of Reichart Lake, at Mustatatuck National Wildlife Refuge, taken back in the Summer when the water lilies loomed large along the far end of the lake.
I had hopes of capturing a nice image of the White Egret as he flew off into the distance, albeit he would have been much closer in the frame. Unfortunately, the Egret got a jump on me and was a little bit too far away. When I looked back at this image, I realized how beautiful it was. The stubs of trees from bygone days dotting the waterline, the blue water, the green algae growing in the foreground, those gorgeous 'humongous' water lilies in the middle of the image. And then there's the woods, the beautiful sky and well, it's got everything. While outdoors around my world is dotted with the remnants of recent snows, and while you may have inches or feet of the white stuff right outside your back door, I dove deep into the archives to reminisce of days with blue skies and green landscapes and came up with this. It's the dead of winter, what's a photographer to do. Mother Nature, I'm going to need sunshine this week. ENJOY!


  1. I like the several different levels in this photo and all the colors.

  2. I agree, it is a beautiful, peaceful scene... love the green bloom on the water too.

  3. Lovely photo Carol, so peaceful, the birds adding to a truly natural scene. Cheers from Jean.