Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Falls, Little Pigeon River, Porter's Creek Trail

Last Spring I spent a few days in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. Prior to heading home, I stopped at Greenbrier, on the northeast side of the park, and definitely one of the least visited sections of the Smokies.
The Porter's Creek Trail is at the very end of the road that meanders through Greenbrier. The middle prong of the Little Pigeon River runs alongside the trail as you begin your hike. This trail is infamous for it's Spring Trillium display in April every year. I really enjoyed photographing the river and a few of its cascades of waterfalls. Check my sidebar for a slightly different image. I wanted to share this particular image as it shows more of the large moss covered boulders and the tree branches hanging over the river. The large moss covered boulders are a feature of the park I have grown to love. And in many ways they are a trademark of the Smokies. This trail makes for a great hike. There are just enough folks along the trail that you don't feel alone at all. And it is so peaceful since you are very deep inside the park with just the sounds of the water falling down the river and the forest surrounding you. Nearly every visit I make to this park now includes a trek to Greenbrier, and in particular, a walk along Porter's Creek Trail. Hope your week is off to a great start. ENJOY!


  1. Lovely settings for this, and the framing sets it off so well. I do enjoy reading the accompanying words, and can almost see myself right there. Greetings from Jean

  2. Ahhhhh

    That is what I immediately thought upon viewing this image. So peaceful....

  3. You really got those deep woods waterfall shots down.

  4. Makes me think of spring, Carol. I love trails like this in the forest with a stream gurgling nearby.