Saturday, October 27, 2012

Old Barn, Scenic Southern Indiana

As an outdoor photographer, I envision myself with brush in hand drawing my images either with pencil or watercolor paints onto a very large canvas giving them new life. And then sadly, after much reflection, I am brought back to reality. I am a photographer. I can't draw a lick, and seriously, I've tried. Last Sunday, I drove the scenic route along the back roads to Leavenworth, Indiana. At Leavenworth, standing high up on a hill, you look down at the scenery and see the Ohio River as it snakes a horseshoe bend in the southern Indiana and northern Kentucky landscape. I promise I'll share images I captured of this landscape later. Today, however, I wanted to share with you an image I captured of an old dilapidated barn which is situated next to the road along this scenic route.
Having faced the reality that I'll never be an artist, I still have my imaging software, which at times, comes close to the effect I aspire to draw on canvas. My software of choice on this day was Paint. Keep in mind Paint is limited, in my opinion, but a worthy opponent in the image editing software arena. As you know, should you follow my blog, I have an affinity to old, dilapidated barns. So I appreciate your allowing me, yet again, to share one more image of an old barn. Have a fantastic weekend. For those of you along the eastern seaboard, please take cover and take care the next few days. I'll pray Sandy doesn't do the damage that Irene did in a previous year. ENJOY!


  1. They are very creatively conceived by this software.

  2. Glad you"painted" that barn, Carol. It was needing a new coat....