Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Fountain, St. James Court, Louisville, Kentucky

It's a fountain viewpoint and mine. Fountains such as the one that sits smack dab in the middle of St. James Court, right off Central Park, in Louisville, have been photographed in oh so many ways and at so many angles. As I took several images of the fountain this year, while walking the 'art fair' as we locals tend to call it here in Louisville, I said to myself, "these images are going to suck." And some did until I realized that perhaps what was needed here was a little enhancement. So I darkened and saturated and well you get the picture. Then I dropped this image into Paint and added a texture and created a bit of an artistic feel. And this is the end result. And after looking at the end result, I've decided that is exactly what this image needed. Why? Because now you see what I really wanted you to see in the first place. Just the fountain enhanced with yellows and blues and greens. And isn't it a beauty. I call this artistic expression. ENJOY!


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  2. I like the colour you gave this fountain. It gives it a moody touch.

  3. Special! I like the enhancement very much.