Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer's Last Hooray

One of my favorite trees at Bernheim sits across from the Pavilion next to the lily pond. It's bark and moss are so gorgeous, but I think it's even prettier with all of the flower garden blooming as it is right now.

So few butterflies this year at Bernheim. Never seen so few. I just hope next year doesn't repeat. Notice the raindrops coming down on this image. Isaac was hanging over Louisville all weekend, even Monday afternoon.

Love the Prairie right now. It's so gorgeous with yellow Daisies and Goldenrod.

A storm moved through this afternoon downing trees. As I ran back out to the car to grab the groceries, I heard this loud cracking noise and looked up. Couldn't have been more than 100 yards away a dead tree finally gave way and fell to the ground. Of all the trees to down in the woods right behind my patio, that was the one I was wishing for. You don't suppose someone heard my wish. I think I'll chalk that up to the oddities of life. ENJOY!


  1. Love the colors. There's 16 more days of summer left. Still plenty of time to enjoy.

  2. I love that Tree Carol! The blooming flowers look wonderful underneath it. I wonder why there are so few butterflies there this year.

    Very glad you were not any closer to the tree that fell, they can be very dangerous.

  3. The colors are very lovely. Is it usually so green this time of the year?