Monday, September 3, 2012

Bernheim Today

Sometimes beauty needs no explanation.

Hints of Fall are showing up at Bernheim. The header is an image of the Prairie taken today in between Tropical Depression Isaac's on again, off again light mist. Just after entering the gates at Bernheim, you'll come to a 'Y' in the road. The header image is basically what you'll see. Left takes you to Isaac's Cafe and into the forest and right takes you to the Pavilion, Lake Nevin and the Sun and Shade Garden. I hope you had a fantastic weekend. ENJOY!


  1. Just gorgeous. I love yellow at this time of year or any I guess. Your header is beautiful. Just beautiful. Your side bar images always catch me first. Your blogs a delight to visit.

  2. Beautiful colors and sense of design.

  3. This really pops Carol! You found the pot of gold! Hope at least it's cooler for you!