Thursday, August 16, 2012

Red Door

What is not to love about a red door? I ask you. I had to make a trip back to Bardstown for work again today and it was a beautiful day to boot. I noticed this beautiful red door the last trip I took to this 'most beautiful small town in Ameria'. So I stopped on my way out of town today and took a pic to share with you guys. Oh how I love these wreaths. The weather is cooled off, the humidity has backed off, the skies are blue and clouds are white and fluffy and I have 'absolutely NO complaints'. Thank you Mother Nature. I have had bronchitis now for two weeks, but I can tell I've turned the corner towards health and well being which only means I might be able to get out this weekend and take some photos somewhere other than Bernheim. Yipppeee. ENJOY!


  1. It is so beautiful. It was a good thing you had your camera with along.
    Doors are one of my favorite things to photograph.

    Do you think you have allergies? My husband is bothered this time of the year.

    1. Sandy and Barb, thanks for the well wishes. Yes I have severe allergies and asthma so bronchitis just goes with the territory. Have a great weekend gals. Carol

  2. Perfectly framed and gorgeous in my favorite color! Glad you're feeling better, Carol. Enjoy the weekend - wonderful weather here in the Mts of CO, too.