Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Old Fashioned Barn Charm

As I drove the byway this Sunday, I looked over and saw this barn sitting far off in the distance with the beautiful quilted barn art painted on the side. It just had such a pastoral, charming feeling about it that I just had to share. Unfortunately, the corn field in front of the barn probably won't yield any corn due to the drought. I feel so bad for the farmers across America. I'm sure I'll feel equally as bad this winter for everyone else when the price of food goes up. Seems as though America can't catch a break. Hope your week is going well. We're over the hump. ENJOY!


  1. Do you see many barns with paintings? I saw some once in q quilting magazine, but never in real life. This is a beautiful shot.

    1. There are a series of barns painted around Kentuckiana by one particular artist. They are all so beautiful. Carol

  2. I love old barns and this one is a beauty Carol!

  3. The sky is a perfect compliment to the quilt barn.