Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Matriarch, Boar Goats

After stopping in Frankfort Sunday to take a few images of the Falls at Elkhorn Creek, I decided to make a quick trip over to the Bluegrass area. I stopped along Old Versailles Road to check on the Boar Goats that sometimes graze in the front meadow at one particular farm there. As luck would have it they were the goats were busy grazing in the yard. This older gentleman, who I'm thinking just might be the 'Matriarch' of the family, came up to the fence 'baaahing' at me, and finally, when he realized I was harmless just stood checking me out. He's got a few gray hairs, wouldn't you say.

This brown and white Boar Goat kept check on me almost the whole time I stood taking photos, and at one point was 'baaahing' at me too, but finally stopped and then walked over next to this black and white goat. I decided perhaps he was posing and I should oblige which is exactly what I did and took a few photos. I have a few other images of the area I took which I'll post later this week. The past three weeks, I-65 at the Kennedy Bridge in Louisville, was closed for construction, but now that it's open perhaps I'll get to southern Indiana to Mustatatuck. Something I've been wanting to do for a while now. ENJOY!

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  1. They have such sweet faces!