Sunday, July 8, 2012

Purple Martins

As I was driving the parameter road at Bernheim a few weeks ago, I stopped to shoot a few images of this Purple Martin condominium that sits just past the Cafe.

As I perused my archives today, I happened upon this image of Purple Martins. After cropping extensively I realized I had captured several images of Purple Martins with their fledglings in the nest. Please keep in mind this is a heavily cropped image so the quality is lacking.

Yesterday was unbelievably hot. As I proceeded to air out my car to make a quick trip to the market, the temperature gauge read 108 degrees. I don't ever remember seeing 108 on a temperature gauge anywhere at any time in my life. Hopefully, today will be less hot, as our highs are only supposed to be in the 90's. ENJOY!


  1. I hope those houses are not made of metal! Before I read your post, I couldn't figure what that whole deal was.

  2. It is amazing how they have housed themselves in these structures.

  3. I hope those little bird houses are air conditioned!