Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Foxgloves in the Garden

Allow me to share an image I've posted previously at the very least a year ago. I love this image and have a small print of it on my wall in my home office. This is the garden at the Inn at Cedar Falls which is situated right outside Cedar Falls in Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio. I took this image about five years ago one July when I spent a few days there on a brief trip. I shot this image using Fuji Velvia slide film with my old Pentax camera. I miss the rich colors of Velvia film.

I'm sharing this image as I'm contemplating a brief trip back to Hocking Hills next week. If you are ever in south central Ohio, stop by Hocking Hills. All four of the waterfalls which are situated throughout the park are easily accessed by nice paths and not a bit strenuous. The Upper Falls at Old Man's Cave is one of the images in my sidebar to the right. And least I forget, thank you to the Weather Gods for slightly cooler weather. While it's still hot, 105 it's not. ENJOY!


  1. AnonymousJuly 11, 2012

    That is a wonderful shot. I like the bright colored foxgloves against the green and the rocks. I have only had pale pink and white ones in the garden.
    I hope your heat wave breaks soon. We are bak to the high 70's, with a bit of humidity, but nothing too bad.