Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yellow Iris

A little bright and sunny Iris coming your way. I'm wondering if all the stiff winds that we've had the past week or two has this beautiful yellow Iris I photographed at Cave Hill Sunday leaning to one side. I know some of the flowers on my patio are so I'm guessing this could be why it's leaning also. Matter of fact, it'd be nice if the wind would let up for a while. About a month ago it was dangerous storms and hail every other minute. The past two weeks it's been wind. Is it possible I'm never happy? ENJOY!


  1. I am enjoying it very much. My irises are still only about 6 inches tall!

  2. What a stunning yellow - makes me smile, leaning or not.

  3. I love Yellow Flags, they are beautiful and the color is so sunny. Well done Carol!