Monday, April 9, 2012

Tulip Bloom

The tulips were blooming at my sister's house yesterday and I just had to get a photo to share. I love pink tulips. OK, I love all tulips, purple, orange or pink. I hope everyone's Easter Sunday was wonderful. I hosted an Easter Egg Hunt which went off without a hitch and was quite fun. By the way, if you find the last egg that I hid and no one could find, including me, please drop it by. Have a great week. ENJOY!


  1. Lucinda has that egg and she's not returning it! That tulip reminds me of pink lipstick that I wore as a young girl.

    1. I'm laughing my head off right now Barb. You tell Lucinda give up that egg!!!! So funny. Thanks for giving me a laugh. I love pink lipstick. Carol

  2. This is the first year that I have not colored eggs. Next year, I will.
    I love that color, preferring the softer shades, but sometimes, nothing will do but a bright orange, yellow or red.
    Glad you had a nice Easter.