Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter and In Memory Of

Today I'll be spending Easter with my sister, JoAnn, and her family. Before I depart to do that, I wanted to post a quick photo of a beautiful Dogwood bloom I photographed at Caperton Swamp last week. Obviously, I dropped it in Picasa and Paint to give it a beautiful subtle effect. I hope you like it.

Today is a special day because it is not just Easter, but also my Mother's birthday. Mom has been gone for five plus years. It seems like yesterday that she was here with us. I miss her terribly, but today I'm celebrating her life because she loved the holidays most of all. She always made our holidays special no matter what was going on around us.

On Easter we would dress up in our new Easter dresses, black patent leather shoes and our Easter bonnets. In the morning, when we first awoke, we would immediately go in search of our Easter baskets. She loved to hide them all over the house. I look back over the years growing up and wonder how my Mom made everything so special with five children. We were not rich in money, but we definitely were rich in love of family. My Mom gave me that. I'm very lucky to still have all three of my sisters and my brother still with me. Thank you God. Most of all thank you Mom for everything you gave me and everything you were and still are to me. Happy Birthday.

Happy Easter to everyone. I hope your day is filled with chocolate bunnies, marshmallow eggs, jelly beans, baked ham and maybe even an Easter egg hunt. And least you think I've forgotten, our Lord has risen. Let us be proud. Happy Easter. ENJOY!


  1. A sweet way to remember your Mom. Mine died when I was in my 30's and my Husband and I still often talk of her. I like your "painted" blossom. (I went to brunch with my Husband - will need to diet this week!)

  2. I went to my mother in laws, and I also went overboard on the pecan pie and ham.
    What a loving tribute to your mom, Carol. I am sure she was watching over you Easter today.