Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dogwood Blooms

I just could not help but show you a close up version of the same image of Dogwood branches that I've featured in my header. Dogwoods are one of my favorite flowering trees I eagerly long to see each Spring. I know when the Dogwoods are blooming that Spring is in full force.

On a different topic, is it a good way to start Sunday being forced out of bed. I have three windows in my bedroom which I love. A somewhat severe storm came through this morning and woke me out of a sound sleep. Pelt. Pelt. Pelt. Then came the hail. I had to get up to verify that. Yes, it's hail. Frustrated and a big sigh, I surrendered and got out of bed. With this Spring has come one bad storm each week, and with this week, we've had two bad storms, and hail twice. I drove for cover to a bank drive thru carport earlier this week to get my car under cover from a hail storm. Now this Sunday morning, again more hail. No, I'm sorry to say, this is not April Fools. ENJOY!


  1. They are beautiful. Its snowing here and we have so much.

  2. What a crystal clear shot! I grew up with this kind of dogwood in Oklahoma. Do you have redbud, too?

    1. Sandy we do have redbud. If I come across one I'll take a pic for you. Carol

  3. Beautiful flowers Carol. I had to chuckle about diving for cover while INSIDE the car .. lol.

    Our exceptional warm Spring weather is about to end .. the temperatures are droping and snow (on high ground) and hail could be on the cards very soon.

  4. Sure hope it didn't shred your blossoms! Our snow is melting rapidly, though flurries are in the forecast for tonight.