Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crab Apple Blooms

Every time I write a post that features yet another flowering tree from the arboretum at Bernheim, whether it be a Japanese Magnolia or Crab Apple or Magnolia Hybrid, I find it increasingly difficult to describe my experience, walking amongst the grove of beautiful flowering trees, nestled within a mere few acres.

On this particular late afternoon, the Crab Apple trees fragrant scent seems to float like a cloud on the air. The heavily laden branches with their blooming wares beckon me to venture deeper and deeper. Debris from many a season carpets the ground surrounding each tree, leaving its distinct footprint from one to the next. Bending to clear its branches, I move slowly as I stand upright to find myself fully inside this Crab Apple's canopy of heavily laden, blossom filled branches, surrounding me like a cape. The shredding bark of each branch, the half opened blossoms, the blooming flowers, the bees flying haphazardly drunk from the pollen. This is surely the scene a fairy tale makes.

Today, again, I attempt to bring you with me into this experience while I photograph this beautiful branch among this grove of Crap Apple trees at Bernheim. Just as I did. ENJOY!


  1. I enjoyed walking under the Crab Apple with you Carol, your words and this lovely image made me feel as if I were there.

  2. I wish I was there! You are lucky to be close enough to visit Bernheim often. What a place for photography! Lovely work.