Monday, March 5, 2012

Winter Snow, Louisville, Kentucky

While I was driving back home yesterday from a quick trip to Seymour, Indiana, Angel Babcock, the tiny little 14 month old girl, whose mother, father and two siblings had already passed away Friday from the tornadoes, died after being taken off life support here at a Louisville hospital, surrounded by her two sets of grandparents. My heart wrenched when I learned of this news.

Today I woke up to find the ground covered with a thick wet snow clinging to every tree, every branch and every blade of grass. It was a winter white wonderland after such a fierce Friday of tornadoes and storms. And while it wasn't what the survivors of the storms needed today, somehow it seemed fitting that I take a photo and post it 'in loving memory of Angel and all her family.' And for all of the loved ones whose lives are gone and the survivors who are in the hospital or are back home recuperating. Go with God. I PRAY!


  1. I heard about all the damages up here in Canada and the loss of so many. That little one is now with Jesus.
    Lovely Image Carole. Praying for some peace for you tonight.

  2. Great photo Carol, I like the contrast between the deep colour of the river and its banks against the snow laden branches.

  3. Yes, I heard the news today.
    Your beautiful image reminds me of angels.

  4. That bit of white frosting is breathtaking. Such sad stories coming in the aftermath of the storms.