Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sandhill Cranes, Seymour, IN

These Sandhill Cranes were grazing in farmlands just south of Seymour today. These birds are so amazing to watch and to hear. They have a clickety click sound they make. Nothing like anything I've ever heard. I had to drive past the exit to Henryville on I-65 today to get to Mustatatuck. It was a heart wrenching experience seeing the damage what little I could see from the highway. I wanted to stop and offer my help, but the media has said they had so many volunteers they can't possibly use them all. Perhaps in a few weeks when things have calmed down. I still pray. ENJOY!


  1. They are huge! Pretty, too. HOw do they act when you get near them? Not aggressive, I hope.

    1. They move away. You can only get about 100 yards from them.

  2. How wonderful to see the Cranes in the wild. The news out of Henryville is devastating. Those poor people have lost so much!