Sunday, March 18, 2012

Magnolia Hybrids, Bernheim Arboretum & Research Forest

The beauty that is Magnolia Hybrids blooming incessantly in the arboretum at Bernheim. Come walk with me a while.

As I meandered amongst the glorious Magnolia Hybrids, I found pinks and whites and reds abound. With blossoms and buds and craggy tree branches, the Magnolias were blooming in force. And as I walked amongst the blossoms, this gorgeous Magnolia bud caught my eye. Oh, but for its beauty. Don't you agree?

Everywhere I looked the Magnolia buds were releasing their tightly held grip on their petals. With blossoms blowing freely in Spring's gentle breeze, their succulent, sweet smelling blooms teased my senses. Oh, to package that scent and carry it with me.

The beauty of these gorgeous blossoms shone bright as the sun kissed each petal bathing it with the sweetest light of the day and leaving its scent tickling my nose. It was glorious heaven. ENJOY!


  1. Nothing like the ones here! I love the color in that middle shot, but the other two photos are excellent.

  2. What lens did you use for these, Carol? I'm considering the Ranox 250 macro converter for my 62mm 18-250 zoom. Have you had any experience with it?

  3. PS You made my day with your pink! We're having snow showers and gusty winds here - winter can't let go!

    1. I know Kelly at Red and the Peanut blog uses a converter all the time. I used the close up on my new Nikon D5100 55-200mm zoom lens. I'm still learning all the new fangled controls on the new camera but the zoom lens is my favorite. Carol

  4. Just stunning . I love pink . Not sure what my fav color is but do know I love love color.
    Your view is so Gorgeous

  5. These beautiful, spring colored blooms have brightened my morning. Thanks for sharing them.