Saturday, March 17, 2012

Cupola and Weathervane, Bernheim

Is there a place you go frequently up in the mountains, into the woods, along the shoreline, a park or a trail that speaks to you as you wonder about? Someplace special to you and only you? One of those places for me is the arboretum at Bernheim. And this constant that sits atop the garden pavilion is 'my' cupola and weathervane. I claim it as mine as every time I go to Bernheim it is sitting proudly on top of the garden pavilion, an octagon shaped building, which is home each Spring to many a new baby barn swallow. Each turn you make as you walk around the pavilion porch sports a barn swallow nest clinging tightly to the under eave. The cupola and weathervane with its beautiful rusted patina finish bares all weather events, good or bad. I can depend on it to greet me no matter the season. It stands proud holding court over one of my favorite places, Bernheim. So what is one of your favorite constants? Do tell. ENJOY!

PHOTOGRAPHER'S NOTE: On this particular day, it was getting into afternoon with a beautiful blue sky and nary a cloud in it. The timing was oh so perfect to catch that beautiful warm afternoon light.


  1. Carol, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting which has led me to yours. I'll be back often!

    The cuppola is gorgeous and I can understand why you claim it as "yours". I've done that with a wonderful, falling down ancient barn that is on the road to Red Rock Lakes National Wildife Refuge in Montana. I call it "my" barn. That barn speaks to me of days long gone.

    1. I was excited to see you stopped by. I'm so glad you shared one of "yours" with me. I'm hoping more people will do the same. I'll be by tomorrow to see your blog. I hope to hear from you again. Carol

  2. This is wonderful, as is the story with it. I can see why it draws your eye when you visit.

  3. I like your story, Carol and the wonderful cupola photo. Two of my favorite spots are the view of the Tenmile Range from my front deck (changing moment by moment) and the lovely koi pond at Denver Botanic Garden. Playing catchup, in fact, after spending time visiting that koi pond!

  4. A pasture gate that overlooks a falling down barn, woods to the left, pasture in the middle, falling off to a pond with hay barn to the right. I stop each morning with the suns warmth rising at my back. It is a pathway for birds as the gate is at the top of the hill. The pasture may have cattle, deer, coyote, wild turkey or who knows what. The gate has one corner high enough for the dogs to crawl under. Brush beside the gate many times holds a rabbit for the dogs to give chase. A crab apple tree beside the gate blooming now buzzing with our honey bees. Leaning on the gate which works as a prop for the camera too, I can see what waterfowl is visiting the pond. I could go on and on about this special gate a spot to ponder living itself as well as observe it. I have seen your spot and understand its attraction. Fine shot.

  5. What a nice place to go and just shoot. Wonderful sky and image.