Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gerber Daisies & Protea!

We could use some blue skies and sunshine here in the Ohio Valley this week. I thought perhaps a flower image might suffice until the sun comes out 'hopefully tomorrow'. The florist told me the flower at the top of the photo is Protea and after Googlin' the word, I discovered there are 1) many colors and varieties of this flower and 2) they actually have Protea Farms in Maui. Can you imagine owning an exotic flower farm? Sounds like a treat to me! The weekend is just around the corner. ENJOY!


  1. Never heard of that flower. Probably because I have never traveled to Hawaii.
    The shapes work well together.

  2. Sunshine and blue skies. Don't know if my camera sensor can handle it. February Ky's highest month for average rainfall. Nice feel to this image. Can you imagine owning a butterfly farm? Actually you can buy kits and raise butterflies for special occasions. Both sound exotic and fun. Enjoy your weekend too....