Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fenceline, Bluegrass Scenic Byway!

After taking a few images of the blooming daffodils in late January, amongst the horse farms, I had turned to get back into my car when I saw this fenceline. I've photographed this fenceline many times in different seasons. It's the perfect setting of osage trees, bluegrass and fencing. Although it was still early afternoon, the shadows from the twisted osage trees along the road, seemed to cast these interesting shadows on the ground. The bright sun not only cast the shadows from the trees, but seemed to radiate the green bluegrass and accentuated the whole scene. I had taken just this one image, when normally I would have taken several, but one was all I needed, although this image isn't as sharp as I'd like. However, I really like the feel of it and just had to share it with you. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine Day and got to spend some time with your sweetheart. Have a great day. ENJOY!


  1. I recognized the fences. There was be a reason for them being double. Do you have any idea?

    I can see why you go back again, and again.

  2. They do double fences to keep visitors away from the horses so they won't feed them. I wished they wouldn't. Carol