Sunday, February 5, 2012

Composition in Photography!

It's 2012. No disputing that. This is a new year and one of my best images from this new year is this image I chose to share with you on this Sunday. This beautiful black barn that sits adjacent to the gardens at Shaker Village. You've seen this barn in a previous post. There's nothing new there, but that isn't why I'm showing you this particular image today.

You see there are countless ways for a photographer to share their photographs. I've used a number of them recently to show how one might posterize it, stylize it, ink sketch it. Yet when you have the right composition and the greatest clarity, you need nothing more. Nothing. Every time I would cursor past this image in my database, one thought kept springing to mind. Composition.

So walk through that open gate. It's welcoming you into the gardens and step inside. Step inside this composition because that's what this photographer hopes you'll find yourself doing in your mind's eye. Because if a photographer can get you to engage in the scene and participate in the setting, then the composition is perfect and you need nothing more. There's that word again, nothing. And keep something in mind today as you read this, I'm not being egotistical at all. I'm being a good photographer. ENJOY!


  1. It is a nice photograph, that is for sure. Did you happen to get an close shots of the garden?

  2. I do love the layers in this photo, Carol - that gate is beckoning me!

  3. This is a very inviting shot I agree with Barb.