Saturday, February 4, 2012

Barn, Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill!

There are several black barns at Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill. And they are really nice structures. I really liked the original image of this barn but wanted to see if I could replicate the effect I gave the old barn from an earlier post this week. So I gave it a shot. I don't think it's as vintage looking only because this barn is not as vintage looking. Yet I still like it. We've got lovely rain and fog here today. I hope tomorrow is better. I'm not big on shooting in the fog but I just might try it to see what comes out of it. Have a great weekend everyone. ENJOY!


  1. I'll bet that is an interesting place to visit. Can you take your camera on the grounds?

    Love this look!

  2. Yes I can take my camera anywhere on the grounds. I would like to go back and photograph some interior images too. Carol

  3. I like the way the trees in the landscape mimic the tree on the barn.