Monday, January 30, 2012

Weisenberger Mill, Midway, Kentucky!

The Weisenberger Mill is powered by the South Elkhorn Creek and to this day flours and grains are still produced at the mill. The mill while originally built in the early 1800's has been operated by six generations of Weisenbergers. August Weisenberger, the original descendant, emigrated from Baden, Germany, to Midway, Kentucky in 1865. Every couple of years, I trek past the mill just to see if it's still going strong. While the mill was closed as is typical on the weekend, the Elkhorn Creek, as you can see, was very open for business. Hope your week is going well. Today was 66 degrees and tomorrow very much the same. Anybody seen winter? ENJOY!


  1. Like the texture here, Carol. That creek is running strong. (Must be all the rain you had in summer!)

  2. I like the look of this. At first, I thought it was a brewery, but you know, grain and all sorts of alcohol go hand and hand.