Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vintage Buggy!

It's Winter. Let's face it. So I am posting another image from my Spring Mill walk around the Old Pioneer Village. This is the larger buggy that I photographed that day. I decided to leave it in it's original form. No textures here. I love the old wagon wheels on this buggy and the black leather seats. You suppose the mayor of this old village road around in this buggy. Did villages have mayors back then. Maybe just a sheriff.

I have news!!!! Picnic software is closing in April. I uploaded a new version of Picasa this morning which only had a few of the Picnic components and by few I mean two additional buttons with 6 to 8 options on those. That's it. So sad. I was a big Picnic Premium fan. So perhaps it's time to think about buying Lightroom. I used the beta version when they were testing it and I liked it. Have a great weekend! ENJOY!

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  1. I was just talking to Sandy about maybe trying Picnic Premium because I like the effects you're getting with it. Well - guess I must rethink. Wonder what the date on that carriage is? Whomever it belonged to had some status, I'd guess.