Monday, January 9, 2012

Riding Buggy, Spring Mill State Park!

While visiting Spring Mill State Park this past weekend, I decided to take a walk around the Old Pioneer Village. It really is an old village from back in pioneer days. There was an open front barn that housed some of the vehicles used back in that era. This black riding buggy especially caught my attention. Wouldn't it be a hoot to go for a spin in this with a horse and driver at the helm? It looked to be in pretty good condition too. I added a little vintage texturing and I must say I'm liking it. I'm glad I took some time to get outdoors this past weekend because rumor has it we're getting snow on Saturday. I'm OK with that. ENJOY!


  1. The texturing really helps it achieve vintage status. Looks like it was a nice ride in those long-ago days.

  2. I saw one very much like that in Wiscasset a few years ago.
    Anothe good job with the texture, Carol.