Sunday, January 8, 2012

Graceful Steinbacher Geese!

Beauty and grace. Those words came to mind when I saw this photo I captured yesterday of these Steinbacher Geese. I ventured to Spring Mill State Park in southern Indiana yesterday. Some twenty years ago, on my last visit, I had discovered a lake with canoes. The canoes no more, but not to worry. This small state park has a lot to offer including nature trails, the lake, a swimming pool, an inn and conference center, a grist mill and historic pioneer village and even several caves. My memories from my last visit were few and vague so I felt it was time to make new memories.

What I found on the lake were these two beautiful Steinbacher Geese. During the breeding season, these geese can't be with other ganders as they will fight. Yesterday, however, I found these two beautiful creatures whiling away the day in the sun paddling around the lake. They are a mated couple who stayed within inches of one another the entire time. While it's usually swans we associate with grace and beauty, I believe this couple stole the show yesterday. This has to be one of those images that inspires me to shoot photography. Get outdoors this winter. It's amazing what you'll find. ENJOY!


  1. Oh, my gosh - you're my one good thing for today, Carol! The lighting and composition are breathtaking. The colors and clarity magnificent!

  2. Thank you Barb. I would love to be your one good thing today. Absolutely. Carol

  3. This is one of your best, Carol. Everything about it is just right.

  4. Sandy, thank you so much. I felt the same way. It's odd where we come up with the best images isn't it? Carol

  5. They certainly are beautiful, Carol! I've seen a similar pair around here. I wonder if they're the same type of geese?

  6. Hi, I just came across your blog and looked at the "Grey Steinbacher" photo you took. We have been breeding Steinbachers for almost 10 years.
    When looking at the bodies of the Steinbacher pair they look like grey Steinbachers. Their heads though point towards being crossbred. Possibly a mix between a knobbed goose like an African or Chinese goose. The one in the background shows a slight knobbiness and some white on top of it. The lip lining is also marginal. The whole head and bill confirmation is not typical of a Steinbacher Fighting Goose. They are supposed to have an orange ring around the eye too, which I can't see. Either it is a very bad example of the breed or you have cross-bred geese here.

    I really do admire the picture though. You definitively have a lot of talent photographing birds.