Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Purple Heart!

I thought perhaps I would send everyone a different kind of purple heart for all of you Valentine lovers out there who are anxious for this "hearts on fire" holiday. And if you use the Picnic 3.9 software and go to the "neon" feature you can make your hearts all sorts of different neon colors. Better get your heart on. ENJOY!


  1. Now, that's PURPLE! My twin grandchildren have a birthday just prior to V-day - I've got to think of a good gift (so close to Christmas).

  2. Is this a two layer shot? It is very pretty.

  3. Carol, Thanks so much about the Picnik info - I'm liking all that's available (at least until April). I used the textures a bit today. I sometimes used Picasa and the Picnik that was available free, but this premium is nice.