Thursday, January 26, 2012

Get Your Easter On!

A few images I photographed at one of my favorite boutiques for the magazine layout last week. What's not to love about bunnies?

And oh my how I love those Easter eggs.

Keep in mind I did a little doctoring with my software so these images are much removed from the original images. So I'm asking . . . what do you do to get your Easter on? ENJOY!

Photographer's Note: Items compliments of my dear Kim and Ronda at Two Dazzle in St. Matthews. Thanks ladies. You rock.

Sidebar Note: Barb was wondering why I'm thinking Easter when she just got into skiing this winter. Sorry Barb. In the magazine world, we generally are one season ahead of the rest of the world.


  1. Lucinda dresses up for Easter. But, she balks at hiding eggs. Is it soon that time? I'm still thinking winter!

  2. Barb, yes it's winter, but when you live in the magazine world, you have to think ahead. Wayyyyy ahead. Carol

  3. Of course I love bunnies! I really like the way these shots came out. The bright colors are cheerful on this dark and rainy day.