Friday, January 27, 2012

The Chicken Coop!

Pulling from my archive today. I have long wanted to post this image of a hen pecking in the yard at the farm I stop by on my way back from Nashville, Indiana, every fall. I loved the image before I gave it a tweak in my software but I really liked the feel of the after shot. I basically pencil sketched it first, then I gave it a 1960's feel. Then I darkened the shadows and saturated the color after giving it a dip in the lohomish which is one of the effects on Picasa. Let me know what you think. As I mentioned earlier this week, Picasa 3.9 is new software that is totally free and has some of the Picnic Premium features, so even if you use Gimp or some other software, you still might want to give it a try. I also use I use Paint mostly to take backgrounds out and add textures. I'm guessing it's very much like Gimp. Have a fantastic weekend whether it's snowing, raining or just wonderfully sunny wherever you are. ENJOY!

1 comment :

  1. This has the look of a block print. Nice colors, too.