Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pisgah Presbyterian Church, Versailles, Kentucky!

Setting out on an a leisurely drive Saturday afternoon to visit the horse farms around Lexington, I felt sure there would be fewer photo ops, as Fall's blustery days may have downed most of the leaves from the trees. Being a veteran photographer of this scenic area, I know seasons make no difference here, as beauty lies everywhere. Yet today, I felt I might want to push the creative envelope just a little.

In years past I've taken various images of the Pisgah Presbyterian Church, which is located literally minutes right outside Lexington, in Versailles. This beautiful, historic church, with its time worn gravestones scattered in the yard, was built back in 1784. Being the day after Veteran's Day, I thought a stop would be in order to photograph a few gravestones for a post commemorating my Dad.

It bears mentioning that walking amongst the gravestones and looking up at this historic church leaves you with such a surreal feeling. You find yourself conjuring up images of who these people might have been back in their day, what they looked like, and especially how they may have lived some 200 years ago.

While standing amongst the gravestones, I looked back at the church and noticed the sun was filtering through from one side of the church to the other, illuminating the stained glass windows. Hoping this would make for a nice composition, I chose to photograph two settings, both of which included the stained glass windows and the old limestone walls. Being an outdoor photographer at heart, I try very very hard to incorporate nature into all of my images, hence the tree branches gracing the top of the photo. But what I really feel seals the deal is the vine growing up the side of the limestone wall. Isn't it just beautiful. I hope you'll agree. I hope you like the effect I gave to the photograph too. ENJOY!

POSTSCRIPT: I noticed I have a new follower to my blog, Laura of Pretty Pix. Laura, I hope you enjoy the adventures I go on and the images I bring back to share with you and all of my gracious followers. WELCOME!

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  1. I like it very much. The photograph is well balanced and that window is just stunning.