Monday, November 14, 2011

In Memory!

I love you Dad. I miss you. You've been gone for many, many, many years, but your face will always be in my mind and your goodness in my heart. ENJOY!

Postscript: My Dad fought in the war. He was a tank mechanic out of Fort Knox. He suffered from PTS Disorder as many vets do today. In the end, PTS cost him his life. In the end, the war got him. But not before leaving behind five wonderful children. Thank you Dad.


  1. This a a really nice tribute to your dad, and to all who fought in the wars, Carol. Sorry to hear that he could not escape from the pain of it.

  2. Another wonderful photo with the focus just right to tell your story - how are you doing that, Carol? I thank your Dad, too.

  3. Sandy and Barb, Thank you for your sentiments. I really appreciate them.

    I use the focal soften and put the focus on the item I want to capture out of the photo. Then I blur the rest of the photo to the degree I want it blurred. Sometimes you have to do this process twice to get the desired effect.

    I use Picnic software to create the look. Picnic is free with Picasa software and Picasa is free just like Gimp and are. I did pay $25 for advanced features on Picnic which this might be one of those features.

    On Picnic choose the area you want to highlight, the size you want that to be, and blur all the rest. I did this twice so the blur would be to the degree I wanted. Carol