Friday, September 23, 2011

Please Indulge Me!

I can't help myself. I took so many different photographs of the sunflowers and the sunflower fields while at Biltmore in August Here's another view. I think I have a love affair going on with these beautiful flowers. How can one not? They are so sunny and happy. And with all the rainy days around here of late, who can blame me for another "sunny" post. Have a great weekend everyone. ENJOY!


  1. Nice! And, in much better condition than the photo I took across the street from my house yesterday. It is on flickr

  2. Sandy what a beautiful sunflower in its last days. I love the rendering you did with it. Have a wonderful weekend. It's raining here, again. Carol

  3. Gorgeous Carol. I adore Sunflowers and she is a beauty.
    Hope all is well way down in the states