Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall Prelude!

One of my favorite places to visit this season at Bernheim has been the wildflower meadow situated just inside the main gate. This afternoon, after a long hike, I stopped at the meadow to take a few photos of the goldenrod before heading back home. But what stole the show today was the old wooden bird box sitting in the meadow that I had photographed back in the summer. Only today it was awash in yellows and purples and whites from all of the beautiful flowers growing around it.

Oh, how I love Fall and can't hardly wait for the leaves to start to turn their reds and oranges and yellows. And least I forget tomorrow will be three months til Christmas. Oh my gosh. ENJOY!


  1. I sure am enjoying this! Yesterday, I saw that same combination of goldenrod and asters, but had no camera. The birdhouse adds so much to this scene.

  2. That rustic bird box is perfect surrounded by fall blooms!

  3. I love this image ,,the colors are beautiful. So much beauty in Fall . I too love it.