Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quiet Places!

I wish for you a quiet place this Sunday where you can stop and reflect and look forward.

Find your quiet place, your center of the universe, wherever that is and go there. And say, "hello." Deep down inside you is a place where only you can go. No one else is allowed there. It's your place. It's your space.

Find your place, your space, where you can think and feel. Where you can dream and wish. Go there today if only for five moments and see where it takes you.

Isn't it amazing this place you go to deep inside. This place that's only yours to have. I wish for you a gracious Sunday filled with quiet moments and quiet places all your own. ENJOY!


  1. These look too inviting. I'd never get any "field work" done!

  2. Gorgeous and I think I will sit on the bench awhile. The one at the top.. I love them all.. It so windy here today , I have downed trees, a hay shed with the roof lifting off and its overwhelming. Im surpised I have power and I live on the prairies of Canada. Gessh. Dust or what.
    Thanks for you kind words.
    Have a wonderful Sunday

  3. The green and that lovely bench to sit and think - who could want more?