Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dwarf Crested Iris!

These beautiful purple irises were growing in the Arboretum at Bernheim as I took a stroll the other week. There are many shapes and sizes and colors of irises and I love them all. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. It's cloudy here but hasn't actually rained today. ENJOY!


  1. ...gorgeous, Carol! I can never turn away from that shade of blue/purple. It's electric.

  2. My Mother used to call Bearded Iris "Flags" - I think because they bloom around Memorial Day where we lived in PA. Your purple frame for the flowers looks great.

  3. AnonymousMay 15, 2011

    They do look a lot like the wild blue flags we have here, but much fuller. We had rain all night, but right now, it is taking a break. I think we are due for more today.