Monday, May 30, 2011

Clifty Falls State Park!

Some 60 miles northeast of Louisville, located along the Ohio River, sits the small town of Madison, Indiana. Directly west of Madison is Clifty Falls State Park. Within this small state park are four waterfalls, of which Big and Little Clifty Falls are the most visited. The other falls may or may not be running based upon recent rainfalls, but the two Clifty Falls are always flowing.

The last time I visited this park was during winter many years ago where a recent cold snap had left icicles hanging off of the cliffs all throughout the park. Today I visited to photograph the two largest waterfalls. These first two images are of Big Clifty Falls which falls some 60 feet down over many rock outcroppings.

Getting to the falls meant climbing down many steps from the trailhead, walking about 20 yards on a dirt trail, and then climbing back up the side of a cliff. The trail is planked once you climb back up and is protected by a old limestone fence along the edge of the cliff. I was basically standing under a cliff at the end of the trail. Water dripped over the outcropping onto me as I stood watching the waterfall. The actual end of the trail was blocked due to erosion, but from the point where I stood I could still see most of the waterfall, although the bottom most point was mostly shielded by trees.

This is an image looking out at the cliffs across from where I stood to photograph Big Clifty Falls.

Ferns tried desperately to grow hanging off of the cliff as I walked along the path to the steps to Big Clifty Falls.

After I walked back down the steps at Big Clifty, and crossed the path back to the trailhead, I then took another set of steps leading down to Little Clifty Falls. You can't photograph Little Clifty from the front of the falls or even see it as it sits about 100 yards down into a gulch. But photographing the top of the falls was still a treat as the water was rushing fast down the face of the falls.

In this image you can see a huge cliff hanging out into the gulch from where I stood to take photos of Little Clifty Falls.

It was 90 degrees yesterday and fairly humid. Apparently the entire week is forecast for the same. I hope you're having a wonderful holiday and your weather is cooler than here in Kentucky. Happy Memorial Day. ENJOY!


  1. Just stunning photos . I love all the green.
    Beautiful Beautiful.

    Happy Memorial Day

  2. What a super job of showing the movement of the water, Carol! We'll be visiting waterfalls tomorrow, and I'm not sure I know how to photograph them. I love the coloring of the Little Clifty photo.