Monday, April 25, 2011

Virginia Spiderwort!

I decided to take the day off and when I noticed a definitive break with possible sunshine between the early morning thunderstorm and the late day thunderstorm, I jumped in the car and headed to Bernheim in hopes the sun might shine for a few hours at least. Delicate is the word that comes to mind when I saw this beauty blooming in the gardens at Bernheim. The arboretum isn't blooming in full force yet, but its definitely coming out of its winter slumber. I had no idea what this flower was so I googled "blue flower with yellow stamins" and Virginia Spiderwort came up. This is a native plant that usually goes mushy with its blooms in the afternoon sun, but honestly the sun came and went between the clouds all afternoon so I think it had these blooms fooled. Hope you had a great Easter Sunday. ENJOY!


  1. My favorite color! I have heard of it, but don't think we have it locally. It is lovely.

  2. So very very Beautiful. The color is amazing.