Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunset and Silhouette!

Sometimes it can get monotonous living in Louisville where there is no ocean or mountains nearby. But the one thing that's always readily at hand, sunlight, or in this case the sunset. That silhouette you see to the left is the infamous little steamboat better known in these parts as the Belle of Louisville. And it won't be too long now that she'll be in a race to win the 'Famed Antlers' during the Kentucky Derby Festival Great Steamboat Race. But for now, she's silhouetted by the sunset quickly making it's way to the horizon. The image in the middle of the frame is the old Big Four bridge which sits idle now. In days of yore, the Big Four saw rail cars mostly.

Just a little something from the archives. If the nostalgia gets to you, you can cry "uncle". Hope your weekend is going great. At least it's not raining here in the River City. ENJOY!

P.S. Two weeks until the official start of Spring! Could someone please inform Mother Nature.


  1. Wow a silhouette that has depth! Rare sight to me. Really well done. I can't wait for spring either :-)

  2. I love that golden glitter, Carol! The cloud cover is wonderful, too.

  3. I think this is one of your best shots. It is stunning!