Saturday, March 5, 2011

Roaring Fork, GSMNP

From the archives I pulled this image I captured several years ago during a July visit to the Smokies. I love the Roaring Fork Driving Tour. This tour gives you an intimate look at the Smokie Mountains that you wouldn't see otherwise. And most of the way you needn't leave your car. But I would advise you to do just that. Get out, walk around. Especially as you near the end of the drive, you'll pass over the Roaring Fork several times and there are great photographs all around you. It's been a fairly rainy week and a very misty rain kind of day. Hope you have sunshine and blue skies wherever you may be. ENJOY!


  1. Such color and movement in this photo, Carol. It draws you in. Sunny and in the 50's in Denver, but I'm heading back to snow country tomorrow.

  2. Beautiful photograph - did you use a filter? It's a stunning look at flowing water

  3. David, I didn't use a filter at all. Hope you'll stop by again. Carol