Saturday, March 12, 2011

Canoeing the Green River!

This couple went floating by just as I entered a small park along the Green River in southcentral Indiana. I think you probably can guess why it's called the Green River. The weather is balmy here for a change. Hope you are having a great weekend. ENJOY!

AND LEAST IT GO UNSAID: For those who are passed away and those missing and for those who are in the process of being rescued, attempting to recover or rebuild in the wake of Japan's natural disasters and the natural disaster that struck our own United States, I pray for you today, I will pray for you tomorrow, and I'll pray for you each and every day thereafter.


  1. What a green soaked image! I am thinking of my friends in Japan, too. So much devastation!

  2. Don't think I have ever seen a river scene SO green.

  3. A perfect setting for Kermit, the frog. That is very green. Have you been down the river?

    March loves good all together!

  4. Very beautiful .. How could anyone not like green. We have so much snow left.