Thursday, February 10, 2011

Weathervanes and Coppolas!

I loved sepiatones and given that fact I decided to take one of the images I photographed at Bernheim of the weathervane hanging on top of the arboretum and give it a new look. I especially wanted to see the light come through the windows of the coppola and what that might look like. I think there is something soothing about the end result. It holds a bit of mystery too. Curiosity. Is that one of the many feelings we want our viewers to feel as they look at our photos? Not all photos lend themselves to sepiatone. I believe the lighting has to be backlit to really get the best effect. Tell me if I achieved it here if you stop by this post. I would love to know your thoughts.

MORE IMPORTANTLY . . . Last evening marked my 10,000th visit to my blog! I started this blog in July of 2009 and a year and half later and many, many countries since, I have reached this magnificent total count. That is so rewarding to me to know that many people stopped by to see my photos. I hope everyone that drops by and those that comment know how very much I appreciate your visits and your thoughts. I treasure every comment. Thank you! ENJOY!


  1. Hi Carol, This looks like dreamscape - there needs to be a fairy tale to go with it!

  2. This is a perfect shot for sepia tones. I agree with you about the backlighting.

  3. Carol...this is really cool. I like what you did.