Friday, February 11, 2011

Sycamore or Not?

While visiting Brown Park the day after a snowstorm several weeks ago, I noticed this tree and it's cool looking bark. As all of you know, I have this affinity to trees. If it isn't the bark, it's the base of the tree. But if you frequent my blog very often, you'll see your fair share of trees. This particular tree I believe is either a Sycamore or a Planetree. If you have an opinion, please let me know. My National Audubon Society Book of Trees didn't offer up much help in the final identification. It would stand to reason it would be a Sycamore as they are more common in Kentucky, but if this is a Sycamore it's a much cooler looking one than I normally see around here. I especially like the warm light in the sky and the warm blue of the snow on the ground.

This image just leaves you with a warm feeling. Hope you have great plans for the weekend. I've not heard about any major snowstorms on the horizon so perhaps we're going to get a break. Don't forget Monday is Valentine's Day. Better pick up some chocolate or roses while you're out this weekend. I'm keeping things low key this weekend hoping to get back to my normal "feeling good" self. ENJOY!


  1. I don't know planetree, and am not that familiar with sycamore, so can't tell you, but I do like it very much, and can see what drew your attention.

    Oh no, I won't forget Valentines' Day. I think I might dig out my heart shaped cooky cutter this weekend.

    Take care, and rest up.

  2. Speaking of Sycamore, being a Vermonter, I always took exception to the old jazz standard, "Moonlight in Vermont" where the Sycamore is mentioned. Sycamore trees do not grow in Vermont. But last fall, I was shooting the Dummerston Covered Bridge and found a Sycamore tree.

    Now your tree, I guess you can check back in the spring.

  3. I love trees, too, but generally can only identify aspen and cottonwood which are prolific here in the mts. I also like the bush dancing around the trunk.

  4. Sandy, Steve and Barb, thanks guys for commenting. I just love hearing from all of you. I did not know Sycamores don't grow in Vermont. Amazing what a little bit of distance does to the environment. Barb, I love the bush dancing around the trunk too. Carol