Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter Along the Byway!

In case you haven't been stopping by on a regular basis this past week, I thought I would create a collage of my trip to the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky so you might catch up. Since I travel to this region, it seems, every winter I thought I would put together a collage and perhaps next year I'll add to it as well. I could only find one image I really liked from last year's winter trip. It's the black horse which everyone liked as do I.

It's gray,overcast and raining today. Another major storm is headed our way for Thursday. And it is supposed to get much much colder this weekend with temperatures expected to dip to single digits. I'm holding out for Spring. ENJOY!


  1. Hi Carol, Nice collage. I like that the horse's blaze matches the remnants of snow. Bundle up and keep warm. We have 30" of snow overnight here!

  2. Lovely montage Carol. I think we are all wishing the days away for the arrival of better spring weather.