Monday, January 17, 2011

Barns, Bourbon &!

I took a quick trip over to check out Labrot and Graham's distillery the other Sunday. It's only a ten minute drive from Midway. Woodford Reserve Select is the bourbon that is produced from the barrels housed in this distillery barn. It is a small batch premium bourbon. This distillery is the oldest distillery of the nine distilleries located in Kentucky. If you haven't guessed by now or aren't familiar with Kentucky, we're not just known for fast horses, but also the best bourbon in the world. While I was checking out the distillery grounds, I also discovered this new piece of sculpture which was pretty cool. Sorry but the clouds had moved in and it became pretty overcast and was getting really late in the day when I took these photos. It's going to snow here this week. Ugh again! Spring where are you? ENJOY


  1. I love the title, the barn - don't know about the Bourbon! We have a winter storm warning here - mucho snow!

  2. I love old brick buildings. That one is an unusual color, isn't it. The horse is nice, and something I always relate to your state.

    We are getting snow today, Carol. Lots of it.