Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Bluegrass Backyard!

Today was the perfect day for a Sunday drive. It has been almost a year since I visited the beautiful horse farms in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky. The sun was out, however, the high didn't get out of the 20's all day. I began my trip taking the last Frankfort exit. Then I drive south toward Woodford County about a mile and then I turned east onto 1681. It's the back way in to the horse farms of Midway, Kentucky. This route allows you to see a great deal more of the horse farms.

White tailed deer were everywhere along the backroads. Some were laying next to the fences of the horse farms. Many were grazing between the wooden fences and the old limestone fences. I'll share more photos of my trip as the week goes by. We have snow on the horizon this week for Kentucky. ENJOY!


  1. That deer has a sweet face. I'm enjoying my snow - enjoy yours!

  2. You must be in the middle of the storm stretched across the south. I hope you don't get the icy part of it.

    Amazing there are that many deer. Do you have to worry about them being on the roads?

  3. Sandy, Yes, they were on the road as I drove back the way I came in from Frankfort so I had to stop and wait for him to jump over the limestone fences. We are in between the snow storms but tonight we're going to get hit. Ugh! Carol

  4. Wonderful series. Took my breath away .